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Niko+Tino Web Interview

I caught up with a friend who seems to be doing very good for herself. After just a couple of months her fanbase has grown tremendously. Her tracks make me both shiver in excitement yet they open my own creativity. I am a huge fan of her work so I decided to interview her on her producing life, the in’s and outs and more.
Full name?
Nicolle Gracielle 
And you currently reside in California right?
So how is the life of a bed room producer? I know that you don’t really go out and perform often.
well, you would think it would be routine-ish and boring. But for me, I advance my techniques everyday, from the industries point of views to the ancient philosophical point of view of the Greece music.
Now your sound is a very unique sound. How do you usually start your tracks and are you sample based or completely original?
Most of the times I take turns. One day sample based, and the others completely original. I like to practice both.
What would you describe your sound as?
How do you feel about knowing that your audience isn’t just local but it goes from different states as well as some from out of the country?
Niko+Tino: I have no problem with that, in fact, I want that too happen. I dislike the thought of just staying locally famous.
At the end we all do haha. So your EP has a track with a rapper, tell us a little more of how that came to play.
Well he hit me up about the track, saying he really digs it, so i gave it to him without cost. Since I know hes a good rapper.
Do you plan on learning how to DJ so you can start playing shows?
Niko+Tino: yes
Who are your biggest inspirations?
Niko+Tino: J dilla, J cole, and Moby
Where does most of your creativity come from?
Niko+Tino: At night when it’s silent. 
Anything else you’d like to say to your fans?
Niko+Tino: Keep it fresh and real always. Nobody digs the dirty and fake anyways.
There you have it! Niko+Tino’s new EP “No More Sleep” is out now for download!

Not again .__.

It happened, AGAIN! Except this time it was a bit different. On our last post we talked about our hard drive breaking and how much of a set back that was. Well, now we have this, OUR COMPUTER BROKE! The laptop we use for most of our tracks broke and we didn’t back up the two tracks we finished. This means that on top of the EP we also lost two new originals. Back to square one, again ._. it’s all good though, we got a new computer and we’re ready to start working again!

Update on EP

So our EP was originally supposed to come out over two months ago. The first time it was delayed for mastering, then delayed again because of the 5 week process of both beatport and Itunes Soon after that something freaking tragic happened. Our harddrive, well, it sorta got corrupted. Does that suck? YES IT FREAKING DOES! We lost every song of the EP and a bunch of sample packs and W.I.P’s. I felt like freaking crying :’( it sucks knowing that your hard work was lost. The good part about it was new everything! New sound, new style, new samples, new everything. Over the past few months our sound has really changed. I don’t know if it’s a good or bad change in the eyes of other people; but in mine it feels like a really good one. We’ll keep you guys updated! <3

CB: Who We Are And What We Do

Our first tumblr post ever! I guess we should start by saying that the reason we made this tumblr in the first place was for two reasons.
1. Stay connected to our fans.
2. Gain some new ones along the way,
Who we are: Critical Bass or CB (as some people call us) is a teenage EDM producer/DJ duo from Miami. We consist of two people’ Humberto Mendez (MercuryMusic) and Danny Cancio (Phat Funk). What first started as a small collaboration together soon became a full on duo that now plays shows all over Miami and hopefully (if we’re lucky) around the world some day. After just a couple of months of publicly releasing our projects we gained the respect of artists like Ghostkick, Gummymusic, Chris Hurst, Lucky Date, Niko+Tino, and more. We have become good friends with artists like Legacy, the Casabrothers, Monstars on broadway and more. We recently released our Mash up album “Rise&Shine” and it caught the eye of EDM blog this is CRAZY TO US considering the fact that we have only started a couple months ago. Now on to the two who make up Critical Bass.
First off: Humberto Mendez (MercuryMusic)
Humberto is a venezuelan born, Miami raised 14 year old DJ/Producer. He started producing at the age of 8 (messing around with software) and from there he found his love for EDM. He puts in his full time and devotion into Critical Bass and he does not plan to stop “until we make top 100.” 
And now…
Danny Cancio (Phat Funk)
Danny Cancio is a 15 year old Miami based producer and DJ. He started at the age of 13 and as soon as he released his first single “Last Time” there was no stopping him! First playing at a ranch party to now playing top clubs in Miami with MercuryMusic, he does not plan to stop any time soon.
Soooo there ya go :p We are Critical Bass. Teens who produce, take like one day at a time, and like to have fun. Check us out on soundcloud!

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